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Results that drive success


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What’s your story?

You have something to say. About who you are, what you believe in and how you do business. You want to say it in a way that will move people and deliver meaningful results for your company or organization.

That’s where Boldt Communications comes in.

We’re a Vancouver, B.C.-based company that specializes in helping you tell your story – in a way that reflects your values, supports your vision and helps drive your success.


Boldt is proud to have worked with BC Rent Bank over the past year, as they’ve worked to help renters in BC keep their housing during a difficult year.



Boldt’s communications and media training sessions will help you deliver interviews, presentations and more like a pro. Sessions can be delivered in person (with COVID-19 safety protocols in place), or virtually – your choice.

Call the Question


Listen to our podcast, Call the Question, with Maria Dobrinskaya and Lesli Boldt.